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Leasing a vehicle has many advantages. Not only is it a good option for shorter or uncertain periods, but Al Maskry will deal with breakdowns, service, accidents, insurance and registration for you and will offer 24 hour assistance.

Cars can be hired on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. You can choose from a range of models from saloon cars to four wheel drives. Prices vary according to the model / make and the duration of hire.

Apart from renting vehicles, we also offer various optional services like Airport transfers, ground handling for groups, incentive tours, cultural tours, customized holiday packages (any location in Oman), chauffeur services, contract hire, hotel reservations, delivery and collection facilities.

All our vehicles come with Comprehensive insurance within the geographical boundaries of Oman with STF coverage (storm, tempest, flood and natural calamities) and registration. If you intend to drive the vehicle outside of Oman, additional Insurance cover can be provided on request. There is also a provision of standby vehicle in case of repairs or maintenance lasting beyond 24 hours.

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