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The following are the Terms & Conditions that apply when you avail our vehicle rental services.

The Rental Agreement shall be subject to all the following provisions and by any signature overleaf, the renter acknowledges that he/she is bound by them all.

Renter acknowledges that he/she has received the rented car from Al Maskry Rent a Car (hereafter referred to as owner) in good condition, without apparent defects and suitable for the purpose for which he/she rented it. Renter shall return the car with all documents and accessories in the same condition to owner at the location and on the date and by the time designated in the Rental Agreement. Failure to do so or (where required) to complete time of return as mentioned on the attached Overdue Control Sheet, the renter hereby accepts the owner to enter upon and repossesses the vehicle at any time without demand at Renter’s expense if vehicle is used in breach of this Agreement. It is agreed and understood that any extension of the duration here of must have received owner’s prior approval.

Owner provides a vehicle in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and/or condition that the Renter holds a valid driving license and had held such a license for not less than 1 year of tenure and valid in the area of operation. Renter’s age must not be less than 25 years. In case the age of driver more than 21 years but less than 25 years, an additional deductible of 10% of the amount of the admissible insurance claim, over and above the insurance excess would be paid by the Renter.

The Renter must look after the vehicle and its accessories, carefully, keep the keys of vehicle in his/her possession and lock the vehicle when parked.

The Renter must NOT allow the vehicle to be used:

a) To carry persons and/ or goods for hire or reward.

b) To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object.

c) In any race test or contest.

d) While Renter is under the influence of alcohol or any substance Impairing his consciousness or ability to react.

e) In contravention of any customs, traffic or other regulations, or general prevailing practice in the country.

f) Or driven by any person other than the renter overleaf (or any additional driver name herein).

g) Outside the Sultanate of Oman without prior agreement of owner and the renter warrants that the vehicle shall not be so used.

h) To carry persons in excess, above the permitted capacity.

i) To use vehicle for his purpose of training & learning.

j) Any unusual purpose, for which the vehicle is not designated to be used.

Renter shall pay or reimburse Owner on demand the sum of:
a) Rental is for 24 hours use and the renter will be allowed two hours grace Period for returning the vehicle, after such time renter will be charged for an additional full day.

b) Time and mileage charge computed at the rates upon the terms shown in this Agreement or in the current tariff at the start of rental.

c) Any charge for refueling, collision Damage waiver, Theft Protection, Personal Accident Insurance, supplementary insurance and/ or any other standard or miscellaneous charges applicable at the rates shown in the Agreement or in the current tariff, which Renter confirms having reviewed and agreed to.

d) Owner’s cost including reasonable legal fees, incurred in collecting payments Due from Renter under this agreement.

e) Any fines, penalties, court cost or other expenses imposed on owner by law, arising from the use of the vehicle while on rental to Renter unless due to owner’s fault; but this shall not relieve Renter or any other person of direct responsibility to any government authority for his own unlawful conduct.

f) Owner’s estimate of repair cost including towing and storage (deductible Amount) if the vehicle is damaged during agreement period. The estimate charge will be adjusted by owner in accordance with final repair and other costs once known. This provision shall not apply if the Renter has opted CDW payment and there is no breach of any other terms of this agreement.

g) Renter shall remain responsible and liable to pay for traffic fines as and when received, including service charges for settling the Traffic fines.

h) Renter agrees to accept the debit to the credit card, the charges incurred Under this Rental Agreement, if owner has accepted payment on that basis.

i) Any excess clause or loss / damage, liability not recoverable from the Insurance Company.

j) Regardless of Insurance, Tyre Repairs & Replacement is the responsibility of Renter.

k) All expenses arising due to misuse of the vehicle or loss / damage to vehicle, which is not attributed to fair wear and tear or not covered by warranty from the vehicle manufacturer

The Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless owner, its employees and agents from and against loss, liability and expense arising directly or indirectly from.

a) Any breach of the terms of this Agreement by Renter.

b) Loss and damage to the vehicle (same as provided in clause 5)

c) Death or injury to any person arising out of the operation or usage of vehicle (where clause 6-b and 6-c apply).

d) Loss or damage of any property arising out of the operation or usage of the vehicle. This indemnity shall not apply to the extent that the loss, liability or expense is attributable to the negligence of owner, its employees or agents.


In the event of damages to or loss or theft of the vehicle or parts of it including fire and breakage of glass, the Renter shall irrespective of his / her or the owner’s fault, pay to the owner the amount of all resulting loss and expenses of the owner (including but not limited to replacement or recovery cost, repair costs, compensation for decline in value and loss of rental fees) if the renter or the driver violated these standard terms and conditions of Rental and legal provisions also customs regulations or insurance regulations, as loss of revenue the owner may charge a compensation corresponding of the rental charges until the day the vehicle or replacement vehicle will be available to the owner.

The liability of the Renter my be limited to R.O. 100/- if the Renter does not accepts for CDW Payment and provided that the Renter complies in all other respects with the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement.


a) Owner provides insurance subject to the terms and conditions of an Automobile insurance policy which meets all statutory requirements and in addition third party property damage claims. The Renter is deemed to have made him / her familiar of such terms & conditions.

b) Breach of any of the terms of this agreement may render the Renter’s Protection under owner’s auto liability insurance policy void and make the Renter personally liable for loss of, or damage to vehicle and any claims by third party.


If PAI is accepted by the Renter by paying an additional payment, the Renter will get such benefits as per the vehicle insurance policy. However, the Renter should comply the other terms & conditions of the Rental Agreement.


The Renter shall,

a) Report all accidents and / or that to Police immediately and to Owner within 24 hours in default of which any CDW or Theft Protection(TP) accepted by the Renter will be void.

b) Upon request submit a report on the accident and obtain a repair order from the Police.

c) Co-operate with owner and owner’s Insurance Company in any investigation or legal proceedings, failure to report an accident to the police may render Renter liable to criminal prosecution. Renter moreover shall not entitle to make any repair or adjustment to the vehicle except pursuant to the prior agreement of the owner.

d) Renter shall inform the owner immediately in the event of any accident and will arrange to obtain FIR and final Police Accident Report if not provided by the Renter, in such case, renter will be responsible for all costs and damage incurred including ,but not limited to loss of use. In case of loss of Asset due to theft/hijacking or any other reason, the Renter shall provide the final police report to the owner and the Rental Agreement will not be closed till the date of the final police report. The Renter also undertakes to pay for the Rental charges till the date of final police report. No objection for repairs is just permission for repair shall not absolve the renter of the responsibility for the accident, nor will this document be accepted by insurance for claims.

It is agreed and understood that owner gives no warranty in relation of the condition of the vehicle except those implied by law and to the extent permissible by law. Owner limits its liability for breach of any such impaired condition to the replacement, repair or re-supply of the vehicle that may be caused by an act of omission of the owner or its employee or agents.

In particular owner shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the renter, or by third parties.

Owner shall not in any manner be liable for any loss and / or damage suffered by Renter or by third parties in connection with operation of the vehicle or for loss or damage to renter’s property left in the vehicle or for loss or inconvenience resulting from delivery delays, breakdown or any cause beyond owners control. Renter acknowledges that owner may use the disclosed data recorded relation to the rental in conjunction with any future promotion or marketing activity under taken by owner, its associated companies of business partners.

By agreeing to take CDW/ TP, the Renter assumes the obligation to pay a supplementary fee in accordance with currently valid price list. Otherwise in case of damages to or loss or theft of the vehicle or parts of it, liability in accordance with clause 5 of these standard terms & conditions of Rental. The loss damage waiver does not exempt from liability in case of grossly negligent or deliberate contravention of the rental conditions, legal regulations or insurance conditions.

The implication and application of this agreement of subject with the relevant regulations in force in Sultanate of Oman and the respective judicial authorities shall be the competent party for settlement of any dispute connected with this agreement. The terms and conditions are subject to change in accordance with Oman laws.

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